1. We've got your back

When's the last time an online travel service drove a clients passport to the airport so they wouldn't miss their flight? You can plan it to the tee but the unexpected happens! Lost passports, stolen credit cards, resorts "losing" your reservations and injury are just the beginning of a long list of issues we have helped clients navigate.  Don't leave things up to chance when we could be one phone call away.  Best of all we are available to our travelers day and night at no cost!



2. We're less expensive, seriously...we are

Online travel websites shop the same website as we do; however, they are operating with algorithms rather than people.  We have a personal relationship with many of the cruise lines, resorts, tour companies and  locals that allow us to make your dollar go further.  Additionally, we have access to behind the scene deals that are only available to the thousands of independent travel agencies.  



3. Experience, Experience, Experience  

There is a lot of information out there to help you choose the right adventure.  Just recently a honeymoon couple decided to use an online discount website when they found a resort $50 less per person.  Little did they know that this resort was under construction and one of the major pools as well as most of the beach and several restaurants were not available during their stay.  This is why we have learned to always call the resort prior to booking as well as prior to a guests arrival to see about additional offers, upgrades and any issues we could run into. 

It's these lessons among hundreds of others that make us excited to share our experience with you so that your adventure is everything it should be!



4. We will save you time

We will save you time both in your planning AND during your holiday.  There are hundreds of destinations, thousands of resorts, tens of thousands of flights and an endless number of websites telling you different information. Let us use our resources to quickly find the best rates at time tested locations.  We can put together a few options for your trip and be available to talk about what you like and don't like about each.  This way you are using your time to research the things that matter to you!

Additionally, travel professionals like ourselves have access to hidden flights and blacked out resorts that are booked in bulk by large groups.  This can save you time in layovers or help us provide a more convenient and affordable overnight stay.