A little bit about your Holiday Cruise and Travel professionals

Pete & Debbie

Pete & Debbie began the company in 1985.  They began as Cruise enthusiasts but are now experienced travels in most every part of the world!  Pete & Debbie specialize in Alaskan tours, Large group locations, Cruise travel & Asia & Australia! Pete & Debbie started working with Zach & Celina in 2016 in order to spend more time with their children and grandchildren!




Zach & Celina

The Leopolds are new to Holiday Cruise and Travel in 2016!  Celina and Debbie have been working arm in arm to provide our travelers with excellent experience.  The Leopolds have 2 young boys and 1 young girl.  In recent years they have been discovering the Caribbean and Central America and have also been traveling to Europe, The Mediterranean, Africa and Canada. The Leopolds specialize in the Caribbean's, adventure vacations and tours, family vacation and European/Mediterranean!